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About Us

We are a public library for Watford City AND all of McKenzie County! 
(McKenzie County is located in the western region of North Dakota.)
We try to cater to patrons of all backgrounds, ages, and preferences. 

We love our library and treat it respectfully: this means silencing the volume on cellular
phones and leaving all food and drink items outside, as well as returning library items in good condition on time.

Our programming is FREE, our activities are FREE, and getting a library card is FREE!

We have books in many genres and for all ages. We start at Board Books for toddlers
and everything in between, all the way up to large print titles for Senior eyes. 

We want to be your community source for education, information, entertainment, and

We are off of Main Street, just around the corner from Badlands Do It Best Hardware store
and Door 204.

Visit us today to see what we can offer you!

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