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McKenzie County is a hardworking and generous place to call home. Our library is thrilled and honored to receive a large number of donations in the form of used and brand new books in all genres and for all ages, as well as audio books and DVDs. 

If you would like to donate any used or new materials to our library, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Quantity: We love that you want to give! That being said, we do have to keep available space in mind. If you have more than a grocery-sized bag of donations, we ask that you call ahead and check to be sure we can accommodate a large number of donated items.

2. Quality:  When donating books, please note that the book's copyright date is no older than five years, and that the book itself is in good condition. This means no rips, tears, stains, pen scribbles or written notations, crumpled pages or strong odors. When donating DVDs or BLU-RAYs, please be sure the discs are not scratched or cracked.

The library does not accept donations of VHS tapes or cassette tapes.

THANK YOU for your generosity. We appreciate it so much!
If you have any questions concerning donations, you may contact us at
email us at

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