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Your library card is your ticket to ride the Book Train! Your passport to other lands and worlds! Your key to the gate of imagination and discovery! 

How do I get a library card?
To get a library card, you need to bring us your valid form of photo ID, such as an unexpired driver's license, ID, or passport with up-to-date information, and proof of mailing address in McKenzie County. This is usually a piece of mail that has both your first and last name and your McKenzie County mailing address on it. (Yes, post office boxes are accepted!) 

How many items can I check out with my library card?
Once you've gotten a library card with the McKenzie County Public Library, you may check out up to twenty items! Included in this number would be three audio books or DVDs. (If the movie you'd like to check out has 3 discs, that counts as the maximum movie check-outs allowed.) 

If you create an 8-character password for us to add to your library account, you will gain access to viewing, reserving, and renewing items on your own library account. (This password can be numbers, letters, or a mix of the two.) Adding a password to your account will also allow you to access our e-books collection through, or by downloading the Overdrive or Libby apps! You may check out and download up to 5 electronic books at one time, and this number counts towards the twenty total items you may have out at one time on your library card.

How long is my check-out period?
For regular library patrons, check-out period is two weeks. For bookmobile patrons or daycare patrons, the check-out period varies and is longer. As long as no other patrons have placed a hold or reserve on that item, you also have the option of renewing it for two more weeks.

What happens if I don't return my items by their due-date?
Overdue items accrue 15 cents a day per item. Once an item has been overdue for 6 weeks, it will be considered lost and you will be expected to pay both the overdue / late fees associated with this item as well as the replacement cost of the item.  For more information on overdue items, see our Overdue Policy.

The good news is that we make it so easy to remember! When you check out your items at our front desk, the librarian will tell you the due date, she will give you the option of a paper receipt with the due date included, and every library patron has the option to allow email and text message reminders sent to their electronic devices! 

What if I return an item damaged or missing a part?
We hope you treat library items with care and kindness, but we understand that accidents happen. If an item is returned to us with a missing part, we will alert you to this fact, and give you a time-frame in which to locate and return that missing part. If the missing part cannot be located, you will be expected to pay the replacement cost on the item in its entirety. 
If an item is returned damaged, you will be expected to pay the replacement cost of that item. If you would like to retain the item after paying for it, you may do so.

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