The McKenzie County Public Library Bookmobile is an extension of the McKenzie County Public Library and can be used in a similar fashion.

The McKenzie County Public Library Bookmobile strives to serve all McKenzie County residents and patrons to the Library who are not served or are under served by traditional Library means because of physical, economic, social, or geographic barriers.

The McKenzie County Public Library Bookmobile typically traverses McKenzie County twice monthly, as staffing permits. Service areas include schools, whether private, public, or rural; senior housing, and affordable housing communities; public recreational areas and buildings; facilities which house or educate persons with physical or mental challenges.

Using the Bookmobile:
A valid Library Card is necessary to check out items on the Bookmobile; Library Card Applications are available on the Bookmobile. Physical Library Cards, as well as printed receipts, cannot be issued on the Bookmobile at this time. A physical Library Card can be requested and will be available to pickup at the McKenzie County Public Library. A Library Card is not required to visit, browse, or read on the Bookmobile while the vehicle is parked.

Requesting a Stop:
New stops may be requested at any time by completing a Bookmobile Stop Request Form available on the Bookmobile, at the Library, or at the bottom of this page. The individual filling out the Bookmobile Stop Request Form will be considered the contact person for that stop and will take on all appropriate responsibilities deemed necessary of the contact person. Requesting a Bookmobile stop does not ensure one will be granted. The Library will take staff scheduling, weather patterns, and parking accessibility into consideration when evaluating any space for a potential stop. Requests are taken into consideration by Bookmobile staff and the Library Director. A response will be made in a timely manner to each request.

For more information about the Bookmobile, please refer to the McKenzie County Public Library Policy Handbook.

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