The McKenzie County Public Library welcomes gifts of books and other materials with the clear understanding that such gifts must meet the list of standards and guidelines as set forth below:

  • All material must be in brand new, like new, or gently used condition:
    • No torn, yellowed, stained, marked, highlighted, water damaged, or moldy items will be accepted.
    • Pages must not hold heavy odors.
    • Book bindings must not be broken.

  • Nonfiction and informational books (including dictionaries and encyclopedias) should be no more than 3 years old to avoid offering outdated or inaccurate information to Library patrons.

  • Outdated items such as, but not limited to, record albums, 8-tracks, VHS or cassette tapes will not be accepted.

  • Pornographic materials in any format will not be accepted.

Materials that meet these standards may be integrated into the Library's collection, made available to Library patrons, and handled as any other material belonging to the McKenzie County Public Library.

Materials that do not meet these standards will not be accepted for Library circulation, but may instead be donated to other institutions, groups, and individuals, or if necessary, disposed of in accordance with established Library procedures.

It is recommended that individuals wishing to donate books or other materials call the Library prior to bringing in the items.

All donated items become the exclusive property of the McKenzie County Public Library.

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