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Library Board

Library Board of Directors

The Library Board of Directors is a group of six community-minded and library-
loving individuals who reside within the borders of McKenzie County and are 
united to see our library succeed and flourish. The Library Board meets ten times
per year to stay on top of the library's news, to discuss ideas and approve policies that fulfill the library's needs. These board meetings are open to the public. 

Our Library Board's current members are:

Judy Omlid              Vicki Bauer
Kathy Skarda           Mary Kindel
Celeste Berg              Erin Perry    

                              Board Meeting Dates for 2019:

January 30th                                   July 31st
       February 27th                                 August 28th
                March 27th                                      September 25th
         April 24th                                        October 30th
                      May 29th                                          November (TBD)

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