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The McKenzie County Public Library provides Residential Library Cards, at no charge, to the residents of McKenzie County. Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Library Cards can be found below.

  • How do I get a Library Card?
    • Individuals residing in or owning property in McKenzie County may apply, in person for a free Library Card. Persons applying for a Library Card must demonstrate proof of residency by providing a current, valid mailing address in the applicant's name and an unexpired photo identification card.

  • What forms of photo identification are accepted?
    •   Photo identification may include: any government issued identification card, school identification card, passport, or a passport card.

  • What forms of proof of mailing address are accepted?
    • Proof of mailing address may include: valid North Dakota vehicle registration, valid state licenses such as hunting and/or fishing licenses issued by the state of North Dakota, or any recently postmarked piece of mail addressed to the applicant.

  • How do I renew my Library Card?
    • Residents who have lived at the same address for at least three years, and have previously had a Library Card in good standing need only fill out a Library Card Application Form and provide photo identification.

  • Can a minor child apply for a Library Card?
    • Minor children, aged 4 through 17, that can sign their full name may apply for a Library Card provided their parent or guardian provides proper identification and proof of mailing address. The parent/guardian must have a valid Library Card in good standing before the child will be able to apply for their own card. The parent/guardian must sign the child's Library Card Application in which they agree to be responsible for all Library materials borrowed, including replacement fees if necessary.

  • What if I am not a resident of McKenzie County?
    • Non-residents may purchase a limited use Library Card, or Temporary Library Card, which is valid for a period of one year from date of purchase. A Temporary Library Card allows the purchaser to check out a maximum of 2 items at a time. The fee for a Temporary Library Card is $30 per year. Non-residents will need to provide the same types of proof, in regards to identification and mailing address as residents; however, residency may be outside of McKenzie County, but must be within the United States.

  • How many items can can I borrow with my Library Card?
    • Patrons in possession of a Standard Library Card are able to check out 10 books, 5 DVDs, 3 Audiobooks, 2 Board Games, 1 Playaway per household.

  • How long is the check out period for borrowed materials?
    • With the exception of State Park Passes and items borrowed via Inter-Library Loan, materials borrowed from the McKenzie County Public Library have a loan period of 14 days, or two weeks, from day of check out.

  • How can I renew my items?
    • Patrons may renew material currently checked out to their Library account, pending the item is not currently on reserve for another patron. Materials may be renewed a maximum of twice. Inter-Library Loan items will be renewed at the discretion of the lending library. Renewals can be done either in person, through email, text message, or via telephone.

  • What happens if materials are not returned by their due date?
    • As of March 2019, the McKenzie County Public Library no longer charges daily overdue fines. However, once an item has been overdue for 21 days, that item will be considered lost and a bill will be issued for the full retail replacement cost of that item. If an item is overdue for a minimum of 60 days, all necessary information pertaining to the delinquent account will be reevaluated.

  • What if an item I returned is damaged or incomplete?
    • If an item is returned in a condition that is no longer suitable for circulation, the charge for the full retail replacement cost of the item will be added to the patron's account and a bill will be mailed out immediately to the address on file.
    • If an item is returned in a condition that is considered to be incomplete (i.e. media with a missing disc), the patron will be notified and will be given ample time to return the item in its entirety. If, for some reason, the patron is unable to return the item in its entirety a bill will then be issued for the full retail replacement cost of the item.

For more information about Library Cards or circulation as it pertains to the Library, please consult the McKenzie County Public Library Policy Handbook.

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